School schedule maker - easy and lightning fast

Get your school schedules done easily. Docendo ZEN makes sure that there are no double bookings 🚀

Easily drag, drop and lock classes

Its easy to move around classes and lock them

If some courses need to be in certain periods, you can easily drag, drop and lock subjects in a specific period. Docendo ZEN just generates schedules around the obstacles.

And, if a class, Physics for example, should be in two grades or groups at the same time, you can just add extra grade or group to a course.

Add multiple teachers in a course

You can add one or multiple teachers on the same course

If you need to add one or even multiple teachers to a course, Docendo ZEN can take care of that too

And, if some of classes require an extra teacher, then simple create an extra course.

Control periods and availability

Block specific periods or days

Docendo ZEN allows you to block certain periods or entire days within teachers or rooms schedules. For example, if the gym is occupied on Tuesday. Docendo ZEN will simply create a schedule around the blocked period. It’s that simple!

"I use Docendo Zen because it is intuitive and easy. It's quick to set up and get started. I just set up teachers, classes and classrooms, and then it already starts creating the schedules. The colors provide a good overview, and I can move around the lessons effortlessly if the need arises."

Martin Bak, Principal

Midtdjurs Friskole, Denmark

"It’s nothing new that schedules can be generated automatically. But, Docendo ZEN delivers an agile platform to schedule a variety of classroom scenarios quickly and intuitively."

We built Docendo ZEN because we believe that it should be fast and easy to make agile school schedules. Over the years, we’ve learned that developing a great school scheduler includes balancing the nuances of academic subjects, with limited human and classroom resources – an especially difficult and time-consuming task.

With Docendo ZEN, we created a school scheduling maker that runs so fast, you can grade papers while it automatically schedules your classes. Now, that’s what we call, Assistive Planning!

Docendo ZEN allows you to add or remove teachers, shuffle courses and block periods, while running perpetually in the background, ensuring there are no double bookings, so your days run smoothly. Let Docendo ZEN work hard for you, so you can work hard for your students.

Docendo ZEN is developed by the team behind Docendo - Flexible School Scheduling